Ayurgem Ayurveda Rejuvenation Package for Professionals

How Beneficial?

In the most modern global scenario, all are forced to have a stressful and hectic work schedule and unhealthy life styles. This coupled with lack of proper exercise and long hours of exposure to computer screens, is having a toll on their lives with various health impairments like spinal problems, muscle spasm, joint pain, stress, insomnia, eye strain, and digestive problems.

We all service our cars at least in every 5000 kms. Isn’t? Now the million dollar question is ” When did I service my body last”?

Ayurgem Ayurveda has specially designed this package to fulfill this need of yours. Authentic Ayurveda along with Yoga and Pranayama in the most ideal atmosphere of lush green eco friendly Munnar will positively Detoxify and Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and equip you for a better performance in the days to come.


Ayurveda the science of life works basically in two different ways. It is PREVENTIVE as well as CURATIVE. Ayurveda treatment is not symptoms based, rather it targets the main causative factor. Ayurveda helps you with a better understanding of yourself, your body, mind and soul. Here you learn the importance of clearing up your body channels. You also achieve better health due to detoxification even to the cellular level.

Ayurveda with a tradition of over 5000 years is a proper blend of natural herbs, healthy diet and wholesome life style. It is the art of living in harmony with with the nature as well as our individual body constitution. Ayurveda is a strictly personal treatment procedure taking into consideration your individual body type, eating habits, digestive fire, nature of your place of residence and various other factors. That's why Ayurveda has no side effects either.

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