Authentic Ayurveda and Lush Green Eco friendly Munnar!!!!…A Perfect combination for Body and Mind to de-stress, rejuvenate and get Cured.

Kerala ayurveda as practiced in Ayurgem Ayurvedic Specialty Hospital – Munnar, represent an untainted form of Traditional Indian Wisdom on Health, Medicine and Wellness. This virgin form of Ayurveda has undergone progressive changes and in the process got enriched with immense regional innovations and improvements over the past 5000 years of its Glorious Tradition. Ayurgem Ayurveda effectively integrates all this collectively accumulated achievements of Ayurveda through centuries with modern diagnostic techniques to ensure complete healing. We inherit a legacy of four generations in Proper diagnosis and Authentic treatment by expert doctors using Genuine Ayurvedic Medicines in the most Hygienic and Natural environment.