Herbal Facial

As the name suggests, herbal facial is a very healthy and natural way to clear all the dirt and toxins from your face and promote glowing, refreshing skin. Our facial pack contains special types of herb or even a combination of them that are known to enhance skin health.


Herbal facials are free from harsh chemicals and toxins that can cause harm to your skin. So, they are very safe, effective and gentle on the skin. It helps tackle a range of skin woes like eczema, pigmentation and the like.
These natural ingredients can restore the skin’s natural balance by replenishing lost nutrients. It improves blood circulation, give a healthy glow, calm your nerves, loosen debris and unclog pores, oxygenate and hydrate your skin and treats pimple and acne scars.

Dhanyamla Dhara

Dhanyamla Dhara is a special Ayurvedic sudation therapy in which the fermented liquid that is made from medicinal herbs and cereals are poured over the body with a certain height, temperature and rhythm.


It helps to reduce the inflammation and stiffness, strengthens the body, eliminates toxins from the body and it relaxes the muscles.

It is a best antioxidant treatment and it reduces body aches and enhances your immunity.

Elakkizhi / Ilakkizih

Elakkizhi is a type of sudation therapy which involves massaging the body with pouches containing specially processed medicinal leaves.


It helps in relieving stiffness of muscles and joint pains, lubricating the joints, improving peripheral blood circulations, cleaning the channels of circulation, and expelling toxin from the body as well as helping to boost your immunity.


Unique Ayurvedic sudation treatment using Medicated herbal rice with herbal formulations and milk.


It deeply nourishes and rejuvenate skin. Dilates blood vessel and improve peripheral circulation thus rejuvenate muscles and joints.

Strengthen your nerves, improves perception and re-energise the body.

Useful in Sexual problems, infertility, high BP, menstrual pain, nerve weakness and degenerative arthritis.


Medicated warm oil applied on head, neck, shoulder and face and a skillful therapist do massage.


Increases the flow of cerebrospinal fluids, strengthen nervous system, boost lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation.

Reduces eyestrain and induces a state of calm, peace and tranquility and promotes high levels of alertness, concentration and better quality of sleep.

It nourishes the hair roots and prevents excessive hair loss.


Is a unique ayurvedic treatment that involves pouring of a continuous stream of medicated warm oil or herbal decoctions onto the forehead with a gentle rhythm.


It deeply relaxes and revitalises the Central Nervous System.

Very effective in physical and emotional Stress,  Hypertension, Interrupted sleep, Memory loss, learning disability in children.

Afterwards will feel more balanced calm oriented and deeply relaxed.


Is an Ayurvedic purifying, rejuvenating and detoxifying therapy which is allowed to stay for a period of time. It can be an external therapy like Greevavasti, kativasti etc. Or an Internal therapy as medicated enema.


It relieves constipation, muscle stiffness, improves perennial muscle strength.

Very effective in low back ache, Obesity, Indigestion, Stress and Sleep disorders.

It rejuvenates the rectal plexus, stimulates the colicky movements and strengthen immunity.

Steam therapy

It is an Ayuvedic purifying, rejuvenating and detoxifying therapy.

Special herbals are infused into the Steam and these moist heat directly apply upto the body to make it warm.


It dilate the blood vessels, allowing to perspire and to excrete the toxins.

Prevents Varicose vein, Venous Ulcers on legs, blood vessel narrowing and reduces Hypertension.

Makes skin healthy and delay ageing process & drains toxins and keep you young, energetic and vibrant.


Is an Ayurvedic Medicated warm oil application and deep tissue Massage Therapy. Ayurvedic medicated oil are rich sources of native vitamins and minerals.


Improves body strength, skin health, color and texture of the skin

Improves circulation, reduces ageing of the skin, maintain joints and bone health & reduces body numbness.

Increases production of white blood corpuscles, antibodies and helps to increase immunity.